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The story of Prince Sonkarley

The story of Prince Sonkarlay is one of the saddest stories ever in the history of BTCF. Born February 23, 2012, Prince was diagnosed of neuroblastoma, and was later dropped off to his grandmother by his mother.

According to his grandmother, she didn’t know the medical history of little Prince except that his stomach was enlarging. She took him to Jackson F. Doe Memorial Hospital not knowing where and how to acquire his medical expenses. All she knew was, her grandson’s stomach was overgrown and needed medical attention. At the hospital she met an agent of Bless The Children Foundation and she pleaded for help . In her words when she spoke with the CEO ” I don’t know what’s going on with my grandson….please help to bring the medications “. Sad indeed for a grandmother with no financial background to worry about the hospital bills of her grandson.

At this time the hospital had accepted Prince Sonkarlay upon the intervention of BTCF but no treatment given yet till the foundation disburse the amount of money requires to purchase her grandson’s treatment from Ghana.

While it’s true that the foundation can’t disengage any of these cases till all options are exhausted, she’s overstressed by too many of these diagnoses with limited support. BTCF can’t easily handle these cases without the help of you the donors out there. Please help by making donations with checks, money order or bank accounts preferably in the name of Bless The Children Foundation so that you may help a child in need. Help today before it gets too late.

The Story of Late Morins Nuah

The story of the late Morins is one of many that the foundation was established to minimize or curtail. However, due to  poor roads network, substandard healthcare system etc, some of these cases have already advanced to an uncontrollable stage before the foundation is informed.

The foundation (BTCF) was informed of the late Morins’ illness (Burkitt’s lymphoma) on  January 14, 2016 a day before she passed. since she was in need of immediate medical attention, her case was approved by one of BTCF’s liaisons in Liberia upon realizing the urgency of her condition. In fact, some of the medications intended for one of the patients were shared with her thinking that the situation could have been arrested immediately. When the situation became more complicated, she was transferred to Intensive Care Unit (ICU) and the liaison called to inform BTCF that he authorized the application of one of the foundation patient’s medication for the late  Morins  because she needed to be treated immediately. He also informed BTCF that the foundation needed to organize a financial package to address the medical treatments of the late Morins as soon as possible. While trying to gather support for the late little Morins, the liaison in boxed the CEO via Facebook that little Morins had expired.

Actually, if you familiarize yourself with everything that BTCF stands for, saving the lives of the little ones is in the top priority. The foundation regretted  that the late Morins’ case was introduced at the time when nothing much could be done to save her life. A child death at this early age of 13 from illness that is curable, is something that must awaken the spirit of humanity to help thousand of kids that are facing similar conditions.

As we solicit help to avoid such horrible situation, BTCF wants to extend special thanks to the followings for the assistance rendered to cater to the late Morins: 1.The hardworking staff of Jackson Doe Memorial Hospital 2. Mr. Ebenezer Strother and all those who stood with the foundation morally and spiritually to cater to the late  Morins.

BTCF is therefore, calling upon all the kind-hearted donors or institutions to strengthen her by helping her to provide those resources needed to address the unbearable challenges encountered by the children who are disabled and underprivileged in Liberia. You can donate by checks or money order preferably through the information on this website or call for information if you need the bank accounts in the name of Bless The Children Foundation(BTCF). Kindly help BTCF to help those children in need .

The Story of Daniel Wleh

Humanitarian field requires people who are gutsy to fight against unforeseen terrible conditions that have the potency to destroy useful lives and properties. It’s in this case that BTCF is relentless to focus on Daniel Wleh who was diagnosed of Burkitt’s lymphoma.

Daniel’s story started when he fell from the tree and was taken to the nearby clinic due to the pain he was experiencing. At the clinic, it was found out that he developed lumps to his mandible and adomen which the clinic attributed to the fall, and was given pain medication. This misdiagnosis delayed the treatment for the actual medical condition of Daniel Wleh till he was brought to Jackson F. Doe Memorial Hospital where his actual diagnosis was discovered.

However, Daniel like many other children was born of underprivileged background that couldn’t afford him to underwrite the cost of his medical treatments. Upon hearing about the services of Bless The Children Foundation, Daniel’s grandma asked the agent of the  foundation to help shoulder her grandson medical expenses.

At this time, Daniel is undergoing treatment at the hospital at the expense of Bless The Children Foundation.The foundation with little or no major support line is overloaded with too many of these extreme medical conditions. It will be out of the goodwill gesture of individuals or a major support line that it can maintain rendering services to a child like Daniel and many others of his age that need assistance due to disabled and underpivileged backgrounds.

BTCF is, therefore, appealing to every giver or donors to see the need to help seven years old Daniel and others meet their health care needs. Please donate to Bless The Children Foundation with checks , money order or bank accounts preferably in the name of Bless The Children Foundation to help save the life of a child for a brighter future.

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